Aikido Shinkajuku is held in Osaka prefecture which practice under Aikikai foundation. Masamichi Macihida 5th dan, a representative, learned Aikido under Hiroshi Tada who has the only 9th dan highest ranked in the world and at the headquoter of Aikido located at Tokyo moved to Osaka for 15 years ago and opened 5 dojos which are in Habikino city, Kashiwara city, Sumiyoshi Osaka city, Yao city and Sakai city. As for Dojos, more than 200 people are practicing Aikido in Shinkajyuku from 5 years old to 70 years old. M, Machida has only job as a professional Aikido player since he decided to become a pro which was 18 years ago.


Rep of Aikido Shinka MASAMICHI MACHIDA

Machida was tought by Hiroshi Tada(9th dan) who is the highest and only one ranked in the world at first. And tought by Shoji Seki(8th dan). Now, since 20, Yoshinobu Irie is the main instructor of Machida.

woman instructor MIHIRO EBISU

Mihiro started Aikido when she was 7 yrs old. She works in Aikido Shinkajuku while studying law in the college nearby to be a laywer in the near future. She is the last year of a college.

woman instructor YUKA MORITA


 When you start Aikido, you need to pay 8000yen + tax at the verry begining to registrate at Aikido Headquotar in Tokyo, and need to take out Sports Insuarance by 1800yen(adult)/1000yen(kid).


Kids(5 to 16 year olds) 4000yen/month(4 times a month)
Adults(from 17 year olds) 5000yen/month(4 times a month)
Adults(from 17 year olds) 7500yen/month(8 times a month)


HABIKINO DOJO ADDRESS:1-1-1 Karusato Habikino city Osaka DAY:every Tuesday TIME:Kids' class(5 to 8 years old)18:00-19:00 Kids' class(9 to 15 yeas old)19:00-20:00 Adults' class(over 16 years old)20:10-21:10

SUMIYOSHI DOJO ADDRESS:3-15-56 Sumiyoshi minami Sumiyoshi ward Osaka city DAY:every Wednesday TIME:Kids' class(5 to 8 years old)18:00-18:50 Kids' class(9 to 15 yeas old)18:55-19:55 Adults' class(over 16 years old)20:00-21:00

KASHIWARA DOJO ADDRESS:1-60 Ando Kashiwara city Osaka DAY:every Thuesday TIME:Kids' class(5 to 15 years old)18:50-19:50 Adults' class(over 16 years old)20:10-21:10

YAO DOJO ADDRESS:2-3 Hikari cho Yao city Osaka DAY:every Saturday TIME:Kids' class(5 to 8 years old)16:00-16:50 Kids' class(9 to 15 yeas old)17:00-18:00 Adults' class(over 16 years old)18:15-19:30


 You can take one day trial by 1000yen. Only once for a person. We can instruct you in Japanese or English. You need to take an appointment for the trial at phone. Please free to call us.